Historical information

This is the lid of a Cherry Tooth Paste container made by John Gosnell & Co. London. This company had its origins in the 17th century with John Gosnell joining the company in 1814. It made perfume, soap, brushes and combs and other personal household items. By 1898 the firm was based in London and known for its Cherry Tooth Paste. The practice of brushing the teeth for hygienic reasons began in the 18th century and became more popular in the 19th century.


This item has no known local provenance but is interesting as an example of an early 20th century household product and is useful for display.

Physical description

This is a white china container lid, cracked and mended in places and chipped in other places. The container had Cherry Tooth Paste in it. The top of the lid is brown and yellow with brown and yellow printing. There is an image of the head of a young Grecian girl on the lid.

Inscriptions & markings

‘Cherry Tooth Paste, Patronized by the Queen, For beautifying and preserving the teeth & gums, prepared by John Gosnell & Co. Ltd., London’