Physical description

Rectangular chart made from printed and coated paper on a fabric base. The chart is mounted at either end on timber batons using small metal tacks. The upper baton is semi-circular in cross-section while the lower baton is circular in cross-section. Two screwed metal eyelets have been attached at either end of the upper baton for use in hanging the chart. A short length of white cotton tape is attached to the mid-point of the upper baton with a metal tack. the tape is used to secure the chart after it has been rolled up.

Inscriptions & markings

The word 'DISLOCATIONS' is written on the back at the top margin, in black and red ink.
The words 'ST JOHN'S GATE, LONDON E.C.1' and a logo for the St John Ambulance Association are printed on the bottom edge at the front of the chart (RHS).