Historical information

In 1978 the Ballarat College of Advanced Education continued to moderate the Tertiary Orientation Programs in a number of regional post-primary schools. TOP students were granted exemptions by V.U.S.E.B.

Members of the moderating committee for 1978 were Ken Clements (Registrar), P. Smith (Applied Science), Roger Bodenham (Art), Pat Hope (Business), E. Jensen (Community and General Studies), R. Jacobs (Education), B. Lees (Engineering), R. Newitt (Horsham Technical School), D. Wiseman (Maryborough Technical School), G. McDonald (Stawell Technical School), Peter Shiells (Ballarat School of Mines, J. Williams (MIldura Technical School) and T. Seymour (Regional Director Representative)

Physical description

.1) 27 page booklet with information including Regional TOP school, moderation committee, 1977 first preference Applications, assessment results, schools teaching Staff (Mildrura TS, Stawell TS, SMB, Maryborough TC, Horsham TS, Ballarat CAE, Subject descriptions.

.2) Letter from Ken Clements to Peter Shiells with information regarding a meeting

.3) TOP Analysis from Ballarat College of Advanced Education