Physical description

Introduction /? John Henderson and David Nash
Language and native title /? John Henderson
Linguistic evidence and native title cases in Australia /? Peter Sutton
Linguistic continuity in colonised country /? Jeanie Bell
Country and the word: linguistic evidence in the Croker Sea claim /? Nicholas Evans
Linguistics and the Yorta Yorta native title claim /? Heather Bowe
The language of the Peak Hill Aboriginal people: a linguistic report in a native title claim /? Tamsin Donaldson
Labels, language and native title groups: the Miriuwung-Gajerrong case /? Greg McIntyre and Kim Doohan
Historical linguistic geography of south-east Western Australia /? David Nash
Language ownership: a key issue for native title /? Michael Walsh
Can lexicostatistics contribute an absolute time-scale to discussions of continuity of occupation in native title determinations? /? Barry Alpher
Linguistic stratigraphy and native title: the case of ethnonyms /? Patrick McConvell
Making your skin fit properly: displaced equivalence in 'skin' systems in the Barkly /? Gavan Breen

Inscriptions & markings

Maps, tables, b&w diagrams