Physical description

Section 1. Notes on the use of this resource
Section 2. Policy support statements. Aboriginal Studies Policy Statement of Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated (VAEAI)
National Principles and Guidelines for Aboriginal Studies and Torres Strait Islander Studies, K-12
Principles for the Introduction of Aboriginal Perspectives in the Curriculum of the Catholic School (Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Policy 1.3, 1987)
Section 3. Language, culture and viewpoint: issues of terminology
Section 4. Units of work
Unit 1. Koorie people of south-east Australia: a contemporary view
Unit 2. On sacred ground
Unit 3. Koorie life in the pre-contact era
Unit 4. Mulla Meea-Baa Gnuenjall: a long time ago, and today
Unit 5. The land we share: human stories in the environment
Unit 6. Frontier wars
Unit 7. Aboriginal mission stations and reserves in Victoria
Unit 8. Land, law and indigenous Australians
Section 5. Directory of indigenous organisations and affiliated groups/?agencies. National organisations
Victorian organisations
Catholic Education Commission of Victoria Indigenous Education personnel
Organisations within regions of the Archdiocese of Melbourne
Organisations within regions of the Ballarat Diocese
Organisations within regions of the Sale Diocese
Organisations within regions of the Sandhurst Diocese
Cultural centres/?camps across Victoria.

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