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Telling Stories looks at the place of life stories and of memory in history: who tells life stories: the purpose for which they are told: the role of story and history in the politics of land claims: and the way language impacts on research and writing. Contents: Introduction /? Bain Attwood and Fiona Magowan
1. Indigenous Australian life writing: tactics and transformations /? Penny van Toorn
2. Stories for land: oral narratives in the Maori Land Court /? Ann Parsonson
3. Crying to remember: reproducing personhood and community /? Fiona Magowan
4. The saga of Captain Cook: remembrance and morality /? Deborah Bird Rose
5. Encounters across time: the makings of an unanticipated trilogy /? Judith Binney
6. In the absence of vita as genre: the making of the Roy Kelly story /? Basil Sansom
7. Autobiography and testimonial discourse in Myles Lalor's 'oral history' /? Jeremy Beckett
8. Taha Maori in the DNZB: a Pakeha view /? W. H. Oliver
9. Maori land law and the Treaty claims process /? Andrew Erueti and Alan Ward
10. 'Learning about the truth': the stolen generations narrative /? Bain Attwood.

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