Physical description

.1) Roneoed 17 page copy of the Ballarat School of Mines Memorandum of Association on foolscap paper. The certificate of association is signed by H. Hoskin, and the legal document was prepared by Thomas Matthews Paul of Nevett & Nevett. A number of men were listed, along with their addresses, as being desirous of forming the Memo of Association. The names are Andrew Anderson, Richard Taylor Cale, James Milihinch Bickett, Richard Madden, Horatio Arthur Nevett, John Nankilville Dunn, George Buchanan, Samuel Ernest Figgis, Frank Herman, James Thomas, James Thomas Mitchell, William Morrison, Robert Scott, James Dyer Woolcott, James Lonie, Robert Ernest Williams, Walter Henry Cornell, William Henry Middleton, Henry Robert Salmon, Joseph Stanley Vickery, George Henry Fitches, William Henry Sewell, .2) Roneoed copy of the Gordon Institute of Technology Memorandum of Association on foolscap paper.