Historical information

This book gives the history of the Warrnambool Rowing Club. The club was formed in 1873. In 1885 Mrs Fanny Nelson built a boathouse on the Hopkins River bank and leased it to the Warrnambool Rowing Club. A two-storeyed building for the Rowing Club was opened in 1889 and today the club operates from Proudfoot’s Boathouse near the mouth of the river.


This is an important book as it details the history of the Warrnambool Rowing Club. Rowing has been a popular recreational pursuit in Warrnambool since the early days of settlement as the proximity of two rivers makes this possible and the Warrnambool Rowing Club has a history well worth recording.

Physical description

This is a soft-cover book of 85 pages with a white cover with a black and white photograph on the front of the old rowing club sheds on the Hopkins River and several images on the back cover of Warrnambool in the 19th century. The book has eight chapters and has pages with information on life members and committees, a Foreword, a Contents page, an Acknowledgements page, an Index and Endnotes. The book is written by Susan Finnegan

Inscriptions & markings

Front Cover: ‘City of Warrnambool Rowing Club, 140 Years on the Hopkins River’