Historical information

Photo recording the Council for the year 1987 to 1988. Back row- Mr J.W.M.Johnson (Shire Secretary), Cr.W.M.Flynn, Mr T.J.Barrington (Deputy Shire Secretary), Cr. M.J.Vallance, Mr.P.G.Winter (Deputy Shire Engineer), Cr.G.H.Spittle, Cr G.C.Walton, J.P., Cr. R.A.McDonald, Mr. R.H.Hollioak (Shire Engineer). Front Row- Cr.K.C.Edmonston, Cr. B.L.Hughes, Cr.D.A.Baird,J.P. Cr.G.S.Giot,J.P.(Shire President) Cr.C.A.Crick,J.P. Cr. I.M.Nelson J.P. Cr.R.Kinnersley J.P.


This gives a pictorial record of councillors in office for the year 1987 to1988.

Physical description

Coloured Photo set on beige cardboard mount.

Inscriptions & markings

Council of the Shire of Ballarat.1987/88