Historical information

The Australian Home Beautiful article on the Heidelberg and Eastern Golf Club indicates that its clubhouse comprised two buildings, "Bryn Teg" built by Mrs Thomas, one approximately 1849, the other 40 years later. The club moved into these buildings about 1928. The stables were converted for use in 1921 by Frederick Henry Gilsenan as the Lower Plenty State School No. 1295 which was open from 20/06/1921 to 11/04/1925. Mr. Gilsenan married Margaret Mar Cornall in 1923. They lived in Heidelberg, had a daughter, Verna in 1924. Mr Gilsenan was transferred to Mt Moriac SS No. 1608 in 1925. The handwritten account is written by Verna.


Historical significance about the premises of both the Lower Plenty State School and the Heidelberg Golf Club.

Physical description

4 p. photocopied article from Australian Home Beautiful 1 June 1929, with 2p.handwritten history of the school 20/06/1921-11/04/1925 (2 copies) and page of photographs of building and people.