Historical information

This book, a 2006 second edition of a book first published in 2004, includes additional material in the second edition. It has been meticulously compiled from a variety of official war records and local information and is the most comprehensive work available on the records of World War One enlistments from Warrnambool and district. Australia’s military involvement in World War One was highly significant and a most important event in the history of our growth as a nation and our newfound place on the world stage.


This book is very important as it gives a comprehensive coverage of the people from Warrnambool and district who enlisted in World War One. It is an essential reference for researchers of those times and for family history recorders.

Physical description

This is a soft-cover book of 270 pages. It is the 2016 second edition of the book by Blair & Affleck of Great War Enlistments from Warrnambool and District. It has a blue cover with an image of a World War One battle scene in the background covering both the front and the back cover. The front cover has an inset colour photograph of the soldier figure from the Warrnambool War Memorial and the back cover has a colour photograph of the World War One Honor Roll from Christ Church, Warrnambool. The titles etc on the cover are printed in yellow. The book has a contents page, acknowledgements and introduction, an index, lists and descriptions of soldiers who died in the war and those who returned home, information on local Honour Boards and appendices.

Inscriptions & markings

Front Cover: ‘For King & Country, Great War Enlistments from Warrnambool and District, Ron Blair and James Affleck, 2nd edition, 2016’
Spine: ‘For King and Country – Great War Enlistments from Warrnambool and District, Ron Blair and James Affleck’