Historical information

This is a waltz piece of music with words and music by Ruby Wharrie. Mrs Wharrie is best known for her doll-making business which she operated in Stawell, Victoria with her husband and son. Mrs Wharrie was the designer of the dolls which were made in the 1940s and 50s. One doll was named ‘Shurl’ to cash in on the popularity of the child actress Shirley Temple and the consequent popularity of the Shirley Temple doll. Stawell is a provincial city situated close to the Grampians mountain range and the title of the music reflects Mrs Wharrie’s interest in the area. ‘My Grampian rose’ is a person and the theme of the music is the fulfilment of love - ‘I am coming back to you, my little Grampian Rose’.


This music is of interest as it has been written by a person who lived in western Victoria. It has Ruby Wharrie’s signature inside the front cover, making it more valuable. It is also an example of the sweet and sentimental music produced during the 1940s and 50s as a foil to the sadness and brutality of the world war.

Physical description

This is sheet music of four pages (two pages printed back to back) with the printed music on three pages and the cover having a multi-coloured illustration of the Grampians mountain range in Victoria. It is in good condition and has an old catalogue number ‘94’ on the back page.

Inscriptions & markings

Front cover: ‘My Grampian Rose, Words and Music by Ruby Wharrie, 2/6’
Inside front cover: ‘Ruby Wharrie’