Historical information

This is one of many items in a travelling case that belonged to Mary Glass Dickson Nee Cramond !865 - 1959. It was given to her on the occasion of her wedding to James Dickson in 188 The case was a present from her future husband. Mary Dickson's father John Cramond was a partner with her father in law. James Dickson snr. when they established a general store in Warrnambool in 1856. The store known as Cramond and Dickson was a prominent and elegant one in Warrnambool until it closed in 1973


This item is of considerable interest as it is part of an important artifact, a travelling case belonging to Mary Dickson an early member of the Warrnambool pioneering Cramond and Dickson families.

Physical description

This is a oval shaped hair brush with an embossed silver- coloured back and handle and horse hair bristles. Some of the horse hair is missing from the right side. The metal back and handle are somewhat tarnished