Historical information

This item has been identified by David Nixon as the workbook of George Henry Douglas Russell (Doug) of Bete Bolong. He was the second son of John and Elizabeth Russell. John Russell wasblacksmith in Orbost. His family were Jack, Doug, Dave and Billy.
Doug was in WW! where he was a Veterinary Sergeant. After the war he came bach to Orbost and his father gave him the farm at Bete Bolong to work. This farm is on the corner of Birkins Lane and Buchan Road (presently owned By Ginger and Helen Johnstone). He started farming tgere in 1920 and married Hilda Raymond in 1922. The slatted barn and house still exist.
David Nixon, the donor, married a daughter of Doug and Hilda Russell and worked the farm from 1947-1973. He found the diary at the farm.


This item is a valuable record of agricultural practices in the Orbost district during the 1920's.

Physical description

An exercise book with a worn black cover and a faded red spine. It contains hand-written records of farm accounts.