Historical information

This is a docket indicating that the Woodford State school has purchased sweets in the 1950s for its annual picnic from Norm McDowell, a storekeeper at Bushfield. Bushfield and Woodford are small settlements seven kilometres north of Warrnambool. Woodford State School began in 1854 and is still operating today.No further information has been found on Norm McDowell but his general store was operating in the 1950s


This docket is of interest as the only memento we have of a Bushfield storekeeper some fifty tears ago

Physical description

A rectangular piece of paper torn from a dockets book. It has red, blue and cream text and some printed blue lines and figures. It also has hand written pencil notes. There is some damage in the top left hand corner.

Inscriptions & markings

Norm. Mc Dowell GENERAL STOREKEEPER Sweets (Two Pounds, one shilling ) in symbols Paid.
Woodford State School picnic