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Bottle, glass

From the Collection of Coal Creek Community Park & Museum 1 Silkstone Road Korumburra VIC

Round squat clear glass bottle, wide neck with rough cut top, embossed text on side.
5.0 cm X 4.5 cm X 4.5 cm
Object Registration
smelling salts, preston salts
Historical information
Reference: American Journal of Pharmacy, volume 1, page 162. "So rapid is the progress of this change, that it is seldom we meet with the article in our shops which is not more or less injured by it. The first sign of the loss of alkali, is the efflorescence on the surface, which gradually extends till the whole crystalline mass is altered. It is from this cause that we have so much difficulty in pleasing those who are particular about the quality of their "smelling salts." A preparation, called " the Preston smelling salts," has within a few years been introduced from England, and has deservedly been much sought after. The manufacturers have wisely put it up in very wide mouthed bottles, which enable one to inhale a much larger quantity of ammonia at once, and thus increase the apparent strength of the salt. But it has other qualities to recommend it, than the manner in which it is put up for sale. It retains its odour for a longer time and wastes more slowly than the common smelling salts. It was generally believed, when the article was first brought here, that its superiority was owing to the sublimation being made at once into the bottle, so as to avoid any loss of ammonia by unnecessary exposure to the air. An examination, however, will satisfy any one that the salt is crystallized and not sublimed. The superior compactness and hardness of a crystalline over a sublimed salt, are great advantages in so volatile a substance as the carbonate of ammonia; and to this, I have no doubt the good qualities of the Preston salts are to be attributed. The salt may be crystallized with great facility in the winter season".
When Made
Inscriptions & Markings
'PRESTON SALTS' on side.
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17 Mar 2017 at 3:04PM