Historical information

The main photo is by Max Lowenhardt and shows John Green, Mrs Eva Penny (inside the tree and hardly visible) nursing Charlie, May, George and Nicolas Penny. Colin Silcock wrote of the tree on p.39 that the family lived int he hollowed-out butt for nine months in 1906-1907. It was 20 feet across at floor level with 12 feet of head room inside. Nicholas Penny ring-barked the tree in 1905, with it being 130 feet high with the top broken off. The fires the following year destroyed the tent in which he was living and hollowed out the tree. After "making a few alterations" Penny moved in and brought his wife and children across from Outtrim. They later built a more permanent home. The tree was destroyed in the 1926 bushfires. (ref Linda Barraclough)


This magazine is a useful reference on Gippsland history.

Physical description

A 64 pp magazine, titled Gippsland Heritage Journal. It has a dark green cover with a photograph of the "Penny Tree" . The magazine is dated March 1996 and cost $7.50. It contains stories and photographs on the history of Gippsland.

Inscriptions & markings

There is a library bar code on the outside back cover.