Historical information

This booklet, written by member Rita Williams, gives information on the history of the first decade of the South Western Embroiderers Guild, Warrnambool. The guild was formed in 1974 with an initial membership of 36. In the first ten years the guild members were active, making contact with other embroiderers, holding exhibitions, making a patchwork quilt for the bed at the Lighthouse Keepers’ Cottage at Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum and making an embroidered mural of Warrnambool presented to the Warrnambool Regional Performing Arts Centre in 1983. This mural features over 80 local buildings, Norfolk Island pines and small figures and other objects. The Embroiderers Guild continues to prosper today.


This booklet is of interest as it contains the early history of the South Western Embroiderers Guild, a significant organization in Warrnambool.

Physical description

This is a booklet of 24 pages with a cover in brown and cream tonings featuring an image of the Warrnambool Coat of Arms and a tapestry. The pages contain a sketch and printed material. The booklet was stapled but the staples have been removed.

Inscriptions & markings