Historical information

The Sunday Pictorial was the original name of the Sunday Mirror. It was first published in 1915 by Lord Rothermere and edited by F.R. Sanderson. The idea of the paper was to balance quality journalism with entertainment, presented in a largely photographic format. The Sunday Pictorial was renamed “The Sunday Mirror” on 7th April 1963, forty-eight years after its foundation. Hugh Cudlipp was the editor in 1951.


Newspapers reflect contemporary society. Saving an item dedicated to the royal family is typical of the general feeling of respect and admiration felt by the rural communities towards the British Royal Family, especially towards Queen Elizabeth II.

Physical description

A complete 16 pp newspaper, titled Sunday Pictorial. It is dated November 18, 1951 and cost twopence halfpenny. The headline story , "They're Home Again!", is of the return of Phillip and Elizabeth from a tour of Canada and the United States of America.