Historical information

in 1887 six Ashford Litters were purchased by St John Ambulance Association after Lady Janet Clarke (of Rupertswood) and her friends raised enough money to allow these items to be ordered. These were Victoria's first official ambulances. The litter consisted of a two wheeled undercarriage with elliptical springs which supported a stretcher. It has four legs which support the carriage when stationary but fold up to form handles so that one person could push the machine while another pushed. Four Ashford Litter ambulances were located at the Russell Street, Little Bourke Street, King Street and West Melbourne police stations. Another was located at the Melbourne Town Hall on Swanston Street and from 1896 the sixth was located at the Eastern Hill Metropolitan Fire Brigade station. Initially is was expected that police and fire fighters would take patients to hospitals if required.

Physical description

Two wheeled ambulance cart with sprung wheels.