Historical information

This book, edited by Sherwood, Critchett and O’Toole, comprises the Proceedings of a Public Lecture Series held in Warrnambool, 3rd November 1984. There are articles/lectures by seven experts on various aspects of the history of Western Victoria – geology, early maritime history, aboriginal history, architecture , archeology, farming and sociology.


This book is very useful as it contains articles on various aspects of the history of Western Victoria and is of considerable help to researchers and others interested in our local history. Several of the writers (eg. Critchett, Sherwood, Lewis, Ronald, Gill) have produced other writings on our local district.

Physical description

This is a soft-cover book of 133 pages on the settlement of the Western District from prehistoric times to the present. It has a blue paper front cover and a grey paper back cover. The front cover is covered with a clear plastic sheet and the binding is plastic. The cover has an image of a sketch of the Warrnambool beach showing the lighthouse complex on Middle Island and the lighthouse on the beach (established 1860). There are a Contents page, a Foreword, a List of Plates and seven articles on different aspects of the Western District history by different authors. There are black and white photographs and illustrations. One page (p.17) has been annotated by Les O’Callaghan.

Inscriptions & markings

Front Cover: ‘Settlement of the Western District from Prehistoric Times to the Present, Edited by J. Sherwood, J. Critchett and K. O’Toole.’