Historical information

The gate shown in the photograph is located on the same wall as the large double main gate of the former Ballarat Gaol. Next to the gate is a watchtower with guard walk on top of the brick wall. This corner location provided the guards with a clear view into the gaol grounds and the street outside. Most of the gaol was demolished to allow for the School of Mines to expand. This watchtower remains along with the main gate, Warden's Quarters and the Governor's residence. These buildings are now used by Federation University Ballarat.

Physical description

Colour photograph of the former Ballarat Gaol Gate and watchtower taken c2000. Structure built from red brick and locally quarried basalt. Guards walk on top of wall from tower to gate was corrugated iron. This smaller gate was to the right of the Warden's Quarters on the same wall as the main double gates to the gaol.