Historical information

The Ballarat Gaol operated between 1862 and 1965. The complex was based on a central hall from which radiated wings of cells. This meant one guard could stand in the centre of the hall and see all the cells. Most of the gaol was demolished to allow the School of MInes Ballarat to expand. The remaining structures at the site include the main gate, the Warden's Residence, shown in the photo, and the Governor's Residence. These buildings are now used by Federation University. The Warden's Residence is home to the Australian Centre for Research into Injury in Sports and its Prevention.

Physical description

Colour photograph of the main gate of the former Ballarat Gaol and the Warden's Quarters. The gate features a beautifully executed arch keystone of basalt and appears to be cut from one single block of stone. The two storey Warden's Quarters are to the right of the gates.