Historical information

These plans have been drawn by Steve Hester for the Warrnambool City Council to illustrate the allotments in Warrnambool concerned with the subdivisions of 1989. The streets have not been named but there is an indication of the area with the identification of known buildings (eg Hospital) and the plan numbers of each allotment is clearly marked. These numbers corresponded to the plan numbers registered in card files and ledgers in the Warrnambool City Council offices. The scale of the plans was 1 to 5000.


These plans are of considerable interest because they show Warrnambool street subdivisions of 1989 in illustrative form. They show how information was collated in the late 1980s before the widespread use of computer digital means to describe and store information.

Physical description

These are five hand-drawn sheets showing plans of sub-divisions in Warrnambool streets in 1989 (Warrnambool City Council material). The plans are multi-coloured (crayons) and show allotments with plan numbers. The first plan has much of the material torn off but the location is known to be in the Russells Creek area. Some of the green tape around the edges is missing. Plans two to five are almost intact and are bound with green tape. Plan Two- Industrial Estate of West Warrnambool; Plan Three – Hospital/Merrivale/ Lake Pertobe areas; Plan Four – North Warrnambool, Wollaston/Brierly areas; Plan Five – Flaxman Street area.

Inscriptions & markings

‘Subdivision Plan, Reference Guide, Steve Hester, Oct. 1989’.