Historical information

Original negative and photograph held by The Age, before by Orm Cook, Echuca. Photo is of a drawing of Bridge work taking place in 1877, across Murray River at Echuca. Orm Cook gave The Age the photograph in 1981 as the round arches on the bridge were about to be removed.


A bridge crossing of the Murray River was needed by 1877. It linked Echuca and Moama in a more tangible way. The bridge was funded privately and public use of it was discussed for the next several years.

Physical description

A black and white photograph of a drawing, depicting the construction of the iron Murray Bridge at Echuca, showing the Surveyor, the bridge workers, hoists , a crane, and much activity.

Inscriptions & markings

Written in pen on the back, "Murray Bridge at Echuca under construction. Original to 'Age' came from Orm Cook. Also the numbers 6530 written in pen. Also on the back is a rectangular stamp with these words inside the rectangle. "COPYRIGHT. This photograph may not be reproduced without permission in writing from the Editor of "The Age" 250 Spencer Street, Melbourne, and 39/41 York St, Sydney.