Historical information

This booklet has been issued in 1940 by the Warrnambool Progress and Tourist Association established in 1927. Warrnambool was the winner of the Sun News Pictorial Quest in 1928, the ‘Ideal City’ and used this title to promote the city. There had been several Tourist Associations in Warrnambool prior to 1927 and all of them promoted Warrnambool as a health resort and an ideal holiday destination with the Sea Baths in Gilles Street and the beach close by. This guide has been produced during World War Two with rationing of petrol and other goods and most people in Victoria would not have been contemplating long and expensive holidays so Warrnambool with its rail service and beach facilities would have been seen as a possible holiday destination.


This Warrnambool Tourist Guide is of considerable interest both for its content regarding Warrnambool’s attractions in World War Two and for its 1940s advertisements and photographs.

Physical description

This is a booklet of 33 pages stapled together. It is a Warrnambool Tourist Guide from the 1940s. The pages are mostly white but there are a couple of blue and buff-coloured pages. The cover is pink with mauve and black printed material and a photograph on the front cover of the Warrnambool camping ground on the foreshore. The back cover has become detached. The booklet contains information on the tourist attractions of Warrnambool and district, black and white photographs of buildings, events and scenic spots and advertisements for local businesses. Many of the advertisements also contain photographs of business premises.

Inscriptions & markings

Front Cover: ‘The Ideal City, Warrnambool On The Sea, , Victoria, Australia, Camping Grounds at the Beach, Tourist Guide – Where to Go! What to See! To Advance Warrnambool, The Ideal City, Victoria’s Premier Health and Holiday Resort, Price 6d.’