Historical information

The dead man's penny is a commemorative medallion which was presented to the family of soldier s who were killed in the First World War. The images of Brittania the dolphins and the lion represent Brittain and the eagle represents Germany. The name of the soldier is presented without rank to signify the equality of all sacrifice. This medallion was to commemorate Daniel Nicol Peters who came from Scotland but enlisted in the AIF in Blackboy Hill Western Australia. His regimental number was 3200. he was Killed in Action on 26 August 1918. His father was John Peters of Greenside Fifeshire Scotland.


From a country with a population of approximately 5 million people, there were more than 60000 soldiers killed. This object represents but one of these soldiers. It therefore has historical and social significance

Physical description

Circluar brass plaque with figure of Brittania and a lion in low relief. There are two dolphins around the figure of Brittania and and image of a defeated eagle below the lion.To the right of the figure is a small rectangle with the name of the soldier. Text around the edge.

Inscriptions & markings

He died for freedom and honour. Daniel Nicol Peters