Historical information

This booklet gives the Rules and Regulations and the Scale of Fees for the Warrnambool General Cemetery as from 1902. The booklet rescinded the Rules and Regulations of 1855 and amongst the 1902 Rules it is noted that no catacombs or wooden structures were allowed by the Trustees. It was also noted that no child under ten was permitted into the cemetery grounds unless under adult supervision. The charge for an adult burial was £1 and ten shillings for a child under ten. The Warrnambool Cemetery is in Otway Road, Warrnambool and was first gazetted in 1853 with Mr Whittet as the first Sexton.


This booklet is of considerable interest because it gives the Rules and Regulations and the Scale of Charges of the Warrnambool General Cemetery as laid down in 1902. The Trustees at the time were William Ardlie, a prominent Warrnambool lawyer, Samuel Nettleton, a well-known Warrnambool shopkeeper and J.H.Allan, a member of a pioneering family in the Warrnambool district.

Physical description

This is a small booklet containing the Rules and Regulations of the Warrnambool General Cemetery. It contains four double-sided pages with printed material on all of the pages. The cover is pale yellow and the printing on the front cover has a black edging. There is some silverfish damage on the page edges. The pages were stapled together but the staples have been removed (the use of staples suggests that this booklet is perhaps a reprint at a later date)

Inscriptions & markings

Front Cover: ‘Rules and Regulations and Scale of Fees of the Warrnambool General Cemetery, Gazetted 19th November 1902, Warrnambool, Thompson and O’Farrell, Printers, Koroit St. 1902’.