Historical information

Founded in 1856, the Mission adopted, as its symbol, a flying angel inspired by a verse from the Book of Revelation (14:60)

“Then I saw a flying angel in mid-heaven, with an eternal gospel to proclaim to those on earth, to every nation and tribe, language and people”

The mission to Seamen became the Mission to Seafarers at turn of the 20th to 21st century. A new logo and graphic of the Angel of the revelation was produced.


The change from seamen to seafarers recognised that many seafarers are not exclusively male. Cooks, spouses, cadets, officers have increasingly come from a broader range of gender.

Physical description

Commissioned blue flag with Mission to Seafarers insignia. Mounted on long wooden pole with pointed ferrule at end, corded artificial silk with two tassels.

Inscriptions & markings