Historical information

The Medal, Presentation Box and Certificate from Buckingham Palace are a very important addition to Council’s History and Heritage collection because of their association with a past Mayor of the City of Caulfield, Harry Carl Hortin Smith. Although a total of 85,234 Jubilee medals were awarded to 'the great and good throughout the Empire' in 1935 to celebrate the Silver Jubilee of King George V, only a handful of these medals survive in major Australian museum collections. The National Museum of Australia holds a similar medal which was awarded to Sir Robert Menzies. The Museum of Victoria also holds a similar medal but neither collection contains a presentation box or certificate from Buckingham Palace. The significance of the donation is greatly enhanced due to its good condition and the fact that it includes all items associated with the presentation the Medal. Most museum collections only include the jubilee medal. Together these unique historical objects tell a complete story of this important event which was cause for great celebration around the world.

Physical description

Red rectangular box used to hold the "HM King George V Silver Jubilee Medal" which was awarded to Harry, Carl, Hortin Smith, past Mayor of the City of Caulfield.

Inscriptions & markings

"1910 (royal crown symbol) 1935" Embossed in black letting in the middle of the top of the box.