Historical information

This Hymn Book was given to Margaret (Peggie) Peacock by the Christ Church Choir, Warrnambool when she left Warrnambool in 1912. She was the sister of Archdeacon Andrew Peacock, the fourth Vicar of Christ Church, Warrnambool. Their brother was Sir Alexander Peacock, at one time Premier of Victoria. Margaret Peacock kept house for her brother and assisted him in his pastoral work. Her brother died in Warrnambool in 1912 and Margaret left the town. She died in 1947.


This book is of considerable importance as it belonged to a Warrnambool resident in the early 1900s. She worked as a housekeeper for her brother, Archdeacon Peacock and assisted him in his pastoral duties in the Anglican Church. The sketch in the book shows that Margaret Peacock was interested in art work and the caption, ‘Where Memory Lingers’ shows that she had fond memories of her time in Warrnambool. The book was in the possession of her sister, Mrs Uglow, the wife of a Colac physician and this lady was a friend of Gladys Angus, the wife of a well-known Warrnambool doctor, Roy Angus. Mrs Uglow gave the book to Mrs Angus’ daughter, Berry McDade and she has handed it over to the Warrnambool and District Historical Society for safe-keeping.

Physical description

This is a maroon-coloured leather-bound book of 514 pages of hymns (music and words) and 31 pages of additional material at the end of the book. The inside of the cover has an ornamental gilt pattern on the edges and the page ends have red gilt shading. There are four loose pages, three of them relating to the ownership and donation of the book and one is a prayer for members of the Girls’ Friendly Society. The front cover has been personalised with gold lettering with the initials of the owner and there is an inscription inside relating to the original presentation of the book to the owner, Margaret Peacock. This is in silver and black script. There is also a sketch of Christ Church, Warrnambool by Margaret (Peggie) Peacock inserted into the third page. There is some small damage to the first page.

Inscriptions & markings

Front Cover: ‘Hymns Ancient and Modern, M.P., HIS’
Inscription: ‘To Miss Peacock, A parting gift from the Choir, Christ Church Warrnambool, October 1912’
Sketch: ‘Where Memory Lingers’