Historical information

Christ Church is the main Anglican Church in Warrnambool. The Anglican Church held services in Warrnambool from 1847 on and a Sunday School operated from that time. The building of Christ Church was commenced in the early 1850s with the tower and spire added in the 1880s. The program under study here was for the annual concert of the Anglican Sunday Schools in Warrnambool. The concert featured items from Christ Church Sunday School and two other local Sunday Schools from St. George’s, East Warrnambool (established 1906 and now closed) and St. Peter’s, South Warrnambool (established 1911 and closed in 1974).


This item, though ragged, is of interest as an example of the type of entertainment featured at Sunday School concerts in Warrnambool during the 20th century. At that time Sunday Schools would have been important as the children of the adherents of most Protestant religions in the city would have attended a Sunday School which provided religious instruction and some social activities. The program contains the names of those participating in the concert and these are useful to researchers.

Physical description

This is a piece of paper folded in two to make four pages, three with typed material. The pages are now completely detached and are a little torn and crumpled. It is a program of a mid 20th century Warrnambool Christ Church Sunday School concert. It has probably been produced by church officials as it is not a professional printing job.

Inscriptions & markings

Front page: ‘Christ Church Annual Sunday School Concert’