Historical information

This badge was issued to supporters of the 1980s campaign called ‘Citizens Against Ferguson Street Extension’. Ferguson Street is in East Warrnambool and at the time the road was formed but there were no houses on the north side. The proposal was to extend the street at the north east end so that access could be made to east Warrnambool and Deakin University. The local residents opposed the proposal because it would increase traffic in the quiet suburban areas. The scheme did not go ahead.


This badge is of minor interest as an example of a local campaign against an unpopular City Council proposal.

Physical description

This is a green circular-shaped badge made of plastic. It has black printing with a sketch of three Norfolk Island pine trees on the front and a metal clip at the back for attachment to a person’s clothing. The back has an image of a map of Australia.

Inscriptions & markings

‘C.A.F.E. Citizens Against Ferguson St. Extension’