Historical information

This post card has been sent from a military camp in England by Private George Hall to his niece Myra. Private Hall was a farmer from Purnim who enlisted in August 1915 (14th Battalion, 15 Reinforcement Group). He was aged 30 at the time. He left Australia in 1916 and transferred to 3 Field Artillery Brigade. He returned to Australia in 1919. The card gives no details of Private Hall’s activities at the time but indicates that he had sent several post cards to members of his family.


This post card is of interest as an example of the many beautiful embroidered post cards that were sent by Australian soldiers to family members during World War One. The cards were usually made in France and sent from there but in this case was sent from England. The card is also of interest because it is a personal message sent from a local soldier from Purnim during World War One

Physical description

This is a post card from World War One. It has a written message on the back from Private George Hall to his niece Myra and it has a piece of embroidery on the front of the card. This depicts a black cat with the British colours of red, white and blue around its collar and other ornaments – a white horseshoe, a Union Jack, a white pedestal and red, green and white greenery. The words ‘Good Luck’ are stitched in yellow. The stitching is on white silk which is somewhat stained. There is a crimped border in lightweight cardboard around the embroidery. The message on the back is written in pencil.

Inscriptions & markings

‘Dear Myra, Just this P.C. to let you see I have not forgotten you. Hope you are quite well. I have sent you & Dorry a lot of P. cards from England. I hope you get them all right. Your poor old Uncle George, 4821, 40 Bat. Worgret Camp, Wareham, Dorset. Wishing you all a very Merry Xmas & Happy New Year XXXX Nov. 24th -11-16.