Historical information

This 2014 calendar was produced in Warrnambool and features reproductions of photographs of Warrnambool in past times. The photographs include the Botanic Gardens, the Breakwater, the War Memorial, Proudfoots Boatsheds, Liebig Street, the old Information Pavilion and the Hopkins River near the mouth. The photographs in the calendar come from the collection of the Warrnambool and District Historical Society and were reproduced with the permission of the Society.


This calendar is of minor importance but it does demonstrate the popularity of locally-produced yearly calendars and the interest in photographs of times gone.

Physical description

This is a 2014 calendar featuring twelve photographs of Warrnambool in past times. The photographs have been coloured or tinted and the front cover has a copy of the photograph featured for the month of March. The front cover has a brown edging and the inside front cover and the black cover are white. The dates are printed in two colours and vary from month to month. The paper is glossy and the pages have been bound with plastic spiral binding with a tab at the top to append the calendar to a wall.

Inscriptions & markings

‘2014 Calendar’ ‘Warrnambool in Bygone Years’