Historical information

This album contains photographs of many local and beach scenes such as view over Warrnambool, Botanic Gardens, Hopkins River and Bridge, Warrnambool railway station, Proudfoots, Thunder Point, Christ Church and the War Memorial. There are a couple of photographs of groups of people picnicking on the main beach.
The newspaper cutting showing firemen dousing the last of the flames of the fire has onlookers including four children in the foreground. The Ozone Coffee Palace was built in 1890-1891 and burnt down February23, 1929. It was one of the largest fires in Warrnambool
It was designed by Mr J McLeod. It was grand in design and decoration. The term Coffee Palace was used to describe temperance hotels which were built during the 1880’s -1890’s. They typically were multi-purpose and had a large number of rooms for ballrooms and leisure activities. Coffee palaces were aimed at families in coastal areas and inner city locations. Examples of some are The Windsor Hotel Melbourne, Ozone, Queenscliff and Kilbreda Convent in Mentone.


This album has social and historical significance as it shows a collection of local scenes which is a record of familiar scenes such as the gardens, Hopkins River and beach scenes. The groups of people are unknown but the images provide a snapshot of customs and costumes of the early 1920’s.

Physical description

Khaki coloured soft card tied with a dark green cord which has broken and has been replaced with yellow string. There is an embossing of a lion/dragon on front cover with ribbons. 20 pages with photographs glued to most. A cutting relating to the fire at the Ozone mansions is inside the front cover.