Historical information

Corrector fluid was used to cover typing mistakes before retyping over it upon drying. Correction fluid became available sold with a brush and was drier and therefore quicker to use. Computers then followed with 'delete' keys to correct mistakes. History of Gestetner Company.


Jan worked as a typist in the S.E.C. offices and would have used corrector fluid when typing reports etc..

Physical description

Small bottle with no neck and with black bakelite lid. Inside there is a bright pink liquid of 'Corrector fluid'. Cardboard box containing the bottle is lined with cardboard and is red with white writing on the top and white with black writing on the bottom. Each side of the box is written the Brand name and Directions each side in different languages.

Inscriptions & markings

Embossed on bottle AA517 on base Embossed on bottle UC or UG on base