Historical information

A collection of photographs of events of the years from 1911 to 1935. It shows many world wide events such as events around Worls War 1,sports events such as horse racing and cricket,scouting, flights over Mt Everest, fashion the fall of the tzars in Russia and other world events such as the vote for women. . It is mainly a British perspective with a number of items relating to the royal family and British politics of the time.


This book has historical and social significance as it records in photographs many events which occurred in a very turbulent period of world history. While it has no direct link to Warrnambool it would have been of general interest to local people.

Physical description

Blue cover with silver print on front cover and spine. Front cover has embossing in a floral pattern.Inside front and back covers the paper is patterned in silver and blue with crowns and flags.512 pages with mainly photographs in sepia colours.