Historical information

These slates and nails were recovered from the roof of Christ Church, Warrnambool when the slates were replaced recently. The foundations of the Anglican Christ Church in Warrnambool were laid in 1855 in Henna Street. The south nave was completed in 1857, a porch was added in 1859 and in 1862 the north nave was completed. The chancel was erected in 1877 and the tower completed in 1882. The church is a stone building. The Hammond Centre for community functions was added in the early 21st century.


These items are of interest as they demonstrate the type of building materials used in the 19th century. They are also of interest as they come from a prominent building in Warrnambool, the Anglican Christ Church.

Physical description

These are three irregular-shaped pieces of grey slate and seven iron nails from the slate roof of Christ Church, Warrnambool. The nails have a round head and are slightly rusted.