Historical information

This is a program of a concert organized by the Soldiers’ Christmas Comforts Group and the Red Cross in Warrnambool to raise funds for the soldiers on active service in World War One. The concert was held in the Warrnambool Town Hall in September 1916 and featured a Melbourne artist, Horace Wood, who gave several violin solos and the local Warrnambool orchestra of Miss Gertrude Rooney. The Rooneys were early settlers in the Dennington area and had the property, ‘White Rock’ in Dennington and a produce store in Warrnambool. Miss Gertrude Rooney was an accomplished musician and was prominent in musical circles in Warrnambool during the first half of the 20th century.


This program is of interest as an example of the fund raising activities in Warrnambool during World War One and of the type of entertainment offered at concerts at that time. There are many well-known names listed among the orchestra members at the back of the program.

Physical description

This is a sheet of buff-coloured paper folded in two to make four pages. The front page has an ornate red edging and there is dark blue printing on the front and back pages. The front page has a large Red Cross emblem The inside two pages have the printed program of concert items in black print. There are also advertisements for local Warrnambool businesses. The edges of the program are torn and ragged.