Historical information

The City of Warrnambool Rowing Club (CoWRC) received a grant from the Warrnambool City Council Community Development Fund for the project: to hold a public event to install a plaque – dedicated to members and ex members who enlisted in WW1. The original honor roll had been lost to history.
The date chosen was August 7 as this was 100 years since the death of a particular member, Major Thomas (Tom) Redford.
Process: the Club wrote a book about its 140 year history and learnt of the honor roll. Every effort to find it was exhausted. The Club applied for funds to produce a replacement plaque and have a public event to unveil it.
Outcome: There is now a permanent plaque in the rowing ‘prescient’ on the Hopkins River.

Physical description

one meter high stone with brass plaque

Inscriptions & markings

‘Lest we Forget’
Honour Roll of Warrnambool Rowing Club Members and ex-Members who enlisted for the First World War.
Archibald W.
Artso E.
Baillie T.
Battarbee M.
Beeching J.
Beeching W.
Brown J.
Brown S.
Butler G.
Chapman R.
Chew A.
Collins A.
Cordner J.A.
Curtis J.P.
Davidson W.J.S.
Dickson J.R.
Dwyer T.
Fary G.
Fisher C.
Fisher R.
Flett C.
Flett F.
Flett V.
Foote E.
Gartlan L.
Granter J.
Harris H.
Hope W.
Humphreys C.
Jackway W.R.
King C.
Lee R.
Levy J.
London D.
MacKinlay W.
MacKnight C.C.
Manson A.
Marfell W.L.
McDougall K.
McGee W.
McKay M.
McKay R.
McKenzie W.
McLennan W.
McMeekin W.
Mitchell S.
Murphy R.S.
O'Donnell J.
Parsons L.
Redford T.
Richter F.
Roper H.
Robinson C.F.
Robinson G.
Ryan P.
Sarll W.
Spotswood D.
Thompson A.
Thompson H.G.(J)
Tinker E.
Titford R.A. MC
Webb W.
Williamson C.

Every Club member of military age enlisted. A Norfolk Island Pine was planted in November 1916 to perpetuate the memory of former member,
Major Thomas Redford, who died at Gallipoli. The tree is believed to be beside the Hopkins River in EJ King Park.
Honour Roll rededicated by the City of Warrnambool Rowing Club and Warrnambool City Council, August 7 2016.