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Booklet - Explore Discover Apply: University of Ballarat Research Report, 2007

From the Collection of Federation University Australia Historical Collection (Geoffrey Blainey Research Centre) Federation University Australia, Mt Helen Campus Federation University Australia E.J. Barker Library (top floor) Mount Helen Victoria

Predominantly white and gold soft covered book outlining Research at the University of Ballarat. It includes information on:
* Institute for Regional and Rural Research and Innovation
* Centre for Regional Innovation and Competitiveness
* Teaching to Global Citizenship
* Older BLokes and Their Sheds: Community based Men's Sheds in Australia
* Education and Re-education in Child Sexual Abuse
* Water Demand Management and Climate Change
* An Indigenous History of Stonington
* Key Drivers of Change in Adult and Community Education
* Benchmaking Research
* Training for Child Protection
* Grabbing a Lifeline to Better Health
* Enhancing Nurse Preparation for health care practice
* ACT for depression in adolescence
* FRom Pokies to Peremptory PErsonal Pleasures
* Worksafe Awards
* Mineral Sands that are not sinking
* Rising Generation Inspired by Trace Elements
* Environmental Research from Namibia to Ballarat
* Evaluation of VicHealth Sport & Physical Activity Programs
* A good Hard Look at Sports Grounds
* Preventing Knee Injuries inn Community Australian Football
* WIDCORP Beyond the Pipelines
*Woodside Energy Ltd Optimizes its Production
* Australian Defence Force Seeks Best Fit
* Mapping Augmentation Structures

Images include: David Battersby, Wayne Robinson, Joel Epstein, Georgina Tsolidis, Barry Golding, Caroline Taylor, Julian Lowe, Laura Kostanski, Ian D. Clark, Jessie Harman, Patrick White, Angela Murphy, Katrina Brown, John McDonald, Robert Watson, Sally Wellard, Louise Hayes, Stephen Cowley, Susan Leggett, Steve Hall, Stafford McKnight, Larissa Koroznikova, Patrick Graz, David Stratton, Andrew Stranieri, John Yearwood
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widcorp, water in drylands collaborative research project, eugene kneebone
Historical information
University of Ballarat is a predecessor institution of Federation University Australia
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