Historical information

This Almanac records the many various organisations, such as churches schools councils and law related information.It lists public holidays, members of Parliament as well as births and deaths natural events such as rainfall, sunrise/sunsets and moon charts. it records mail charges and coach timetables.A middle section presents a calendar for 1870 with a record of events which were deemed important since the time of settlement It lists such things as the first telegram from Melbourne to Sydney1858, Governor Bligh deposed 1808, Burke and Wills funeral 1863. At the bottom of the page is a Warrnambool Business Directory which includes J S Rowley Corio brewery, Royal Hotel , J H Rule Painter, plumber and glazier, J Brady , tinsmith and A Lanagan , Golden Boot
The Warrnambool Examiner was founded by John Wilkinson and Richard Osburne in 1851. After a gap of a couple of years Richard Osburne resumed publication in October 1853 and continued until 1867. William Fairfax and Henry Laurie then leased the paper (1867 to 1872) before Richard Osburne again became the proprietor from October 1872 to April 1878 and from December 1879 to December 1880 when publication ceased. Fairfax and Laurie were the proprietors of the paper when this Almanac was published. William Fairfax was a member of the Fairfax family which was, and still is, associated with the publication of many Australian newspapers. Henry Laurie later became well-known as a Melbourne University Philosophy Professor.


This single sheet of newspaper is an interesting and valuable record of Warrnambool and its people in 1870. There are names of many local people recorded and it also gives an insight into the variety of businesses and orhganisations which were established by 1870. It is also interesting to note that there are at least ten different styles of print on the page.

Physical description

Large single broadsheet of newspaper with large black heading and eight columns of print. The back of the page is blank.

Inscriptions & markings

Fairfax and Laurie's Almanac for 1870 presented with the Warrnambool Examiner.
Published as a supplement to the Warrnambool Examiner of 7th January 1870 Vol.XX No 1597.