Historical information

These drawings have been produced in 1919 by Ron Uebergang when he was a pupil at the Warrnambool Technical School. The Uebergang families were pioneers in the Warrnambool/Allansford area. Ronald Uebergang (1903-1971) was born in Warrnambool to Ernest Uebergang and Mary Watson. He went to Allansford State School and Warrnambool Technical School and married Myra Hall. He was mechanically-minded, a good photographer and fond of music and dancing. He and Myra had a dairy farm at the family property, Hopkins Hill near Allansford and later took up grazing beef cattle. Warrnambool Technical School was established in 1913, and was located first on a Timor Street site and later moved to Caramut Road. Today it is called Brauer College.


These drawings are of considerable interest because they were produced by Ron Uebergang and the Uebergang families have been prominent in the history of the Warrnambool and Allansford areas since the 1850s. They are also of interest as examples of the type of work produced by students of Warrnambool Technical School in its early days.

Physical description

.1 A Blueprint for a Feed Pump for a Horizontal Engine - blue background, white drawings. The drawing is two-thirds of the full size object.
.2 The same drawing on white see-through paper. The paper has a thick line drawn around the edges in black ink.
.3 The same drawing on plain white card with drawings in black ink and a thick line drawn around the edges in black ink.
.4 The original brown paper covering used to send the drawings to Warrnambool Technical School in 1921.
There are also two pages of handwritten material attached to the drawings by a metal clip and giving a description of the design of the Feed Pump.

Inscriptions & markings

‘Warrnambool Technical School’
‘Designed by R. Uebergang’
‘Drawn by R. Uebergang’
‘Date 7/10/19’