Historical information

The Pickersgill family were the original settlers on Churchill Island, and amongst the earliest at Griffiths Point, now San Remo. Samuel Jabez Pickersgill, is the seventh of nine children of Samuel and Winifred Pickersgill of Churchill Island fame. Samuel Jabez lived from 1866 – 1956, and in his old age wrote down his memoirs of his early years in the 1870s and 1880s. Some of these are on the Phillip Island & District Historical Society website: www.pidhs.org.au

Physical description

Six Black & White photographs of possible members of the Pickersgill family.
255-01. Portrait of a lady - unknown, but member of Pickersgill family. Lady is possibly Mary (Anderson) Potter daughter of Thomas Anderson and Catherine Sayle. She
was the wife of Rev Herbert Potter. Edith Potter from Herberts first marriage in England married Walter Pickersgill.
255-02. Photograph of a house - maybe Pickersgill connection.
255-03. Family group - lady with 5 children - possibly Pickersgill.
255-04. Samuel K Pickersgill with wife & child.
255-05. Samuel K Pickersgill.
255-06. Photograph of 5 ladies (sisters) Back Row: Mrs Annie Potter & Mrs Charles Grayden. Front Row: Mrs Priscilla Howse, Mrs Lil Beamish, Mrs Kate Thompson.
The sister in the middle of the group was the eldest, Lil nee Pickersgill, who was born before the family settled on Churchill Island.