Historical information

A collection of nine postcards donated by the Bass Coast Op Shop.
Information on the back of No. 276-05. "Koala Bears were first seen by white explorers in the Blue Mountains, 1798. Early colonists from N.S.W. called it a "monkey bear". Koala means in Aboriginal "does not drink" or "no drink". They are slow-moving, tree-climbing, friendly marsupials with thick woolly fur coats, large ears and rubber nose. They live in gum trees and feed upon their leaves. Babies are born every two years, spending nine months in mother's pouch and then on her back for about six months, then leaving its parents and looking for a tree with comfortable branches."

Physical description

Nine coloured postcards of Phillip Island and wildlife.
276-01. Postcard showing four vintage vehicles displayed in the Len Lukey Memorial Museum & Gardens at the GP Race Track.
1. 1928 Austin Chummy. 2. 1926 Maxwell. 3. 1924 Model T Ford. 4. 1913 Model T Ford.
276-02. Postcard showing penguin in burrow possibly on egg/s
276-03. Postcard with two photographs of penguins coming up the beach at dusk.
276-04. Postcard with three photographs of penguins coming up the beach and people looking over the railing at them.
276-05. Postcard of a koala sitting on a branch.
276-06. Postcard of seals at Seal Rocks with man sitting on the rocks beside one.
276-07. Postcard with four photographs of koalas, penguins, Cowes Jetty and Cowes beach.
276-08. Postcard with three photographs of koalas, penguins and a seal.
276-09. Postcard with four photographs of penguins, koalas, seals and penguins.

Inscriptions & markings

276-01. Len Lukey Memorial Museum & Gardens. Vehicle description as above in Physical Description.
276-02. Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia. On back: Australian Penguin Reserve, Phillip Island Victoria.
276-03. Australian Penguin Parade Phillip Island.
276-04. Penguins at Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia
276-05. On back: Full description of Koalas - see Historical Information below.
276-06. On back: Making friends at Seal Rocks, Phillip island, Vic.
276-07. Cowes Phillip Island.
276-08. Phillip Island Victoria
276-09. Greetings from Phillip Island. On back: Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia. Interesting aspects of this fascinating Island which gives shelter to some of Australia's unique fauna.