Historical information

First photograph probably taken in February, 1906.
The other two photographs appeared in The Weekly times, March 3rd, 1906, on page 10

Physical description

Three Black & White photographs of the wreck of the Speke. February 1906.
278-01. Photograph of Captain Tilston, master of the Speke, 2nd mate, Mr A Cooke - hero of the wreck (seated) two apprentices and the 1st mate (standing)
278-02. 2 x Photographs of broadside view of the Speke on rocks. This photo was given to John Jansson by Swedish seaman Gus Johanson in 1960's. He got the photo from
Allan C Green who was a photographer for a Melbourne Newspaper. The 2nd photo is an upgrade of the 1st photo. Updated 10/3/2022.
278-03. Photograph of some of the crew of the Speke on rocks near the wreck.