Historical information

This Photo was presented to A.K.ewar Esq.by the Members of the Waubra Cricket Club in 1908 and the members were,(top row)P.Harrison,J.Gray,D.Harney,W.Simpsom,W.Coutts,(2nd row) E.Heffernan,E.Gollop,(3rd row) J.Hayes,J.Harrison (Sec),A.K.Dewar esq, H.Barber, M.Hayes,(4th row) Wat Harrison, W.J.Harrison,(Vice Capt),C.Harrisson, (Vice Pres), E.Harney. (5th row ) W.Barber, (Umpire), T.Trewin, W.Gollop, E.Gollop,(Umpire) (6th row),Alf Harrison, Alec Trewin. It was given to show their appreciation for his services to the club.

Physical description

Sepia coloured photo on dark brown mount of members of the Waubra Cricket Club.1908.

Inscriptions & markings

Presented to A.K.DEWAR Esq. by the Members of the WAUBRA CRICKET CLUB.As a Token of esteem for Past Services to the Club. April 1908.