Historical information

These original columns are marble, made in 113AD. They come from Rome, Italy and are held in the Cast Courts at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. The collection of casts at the museum is one of the most important in the world. Their original purpose was educational when it was not easy to trail and see original works. they thus provided an opportunity for students to study.
The Cast Courts opened in 1873 and allowed the display of large monuments. These galleries are currently divided by nationality.

Physical description

Photograph of a cast of Trajan's Column at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London. The column has been displayed in two parts. he massive cast is a tremendous feat of both engineering and casting. Displayed in the Architectural Courts from the time of their opening in 1873, it provided the opportunity for students (and others not able to travel to Rome) to see this iconic monument of the classical world. The cast of the column is made up of sections of plaster reliefs that are attached to an inner chimney built of brick. Each section was individually numbered so that the column could easily be assembled like a giant jigsaw puzzle. (http://www.vam.ac.uk/content/articles/t/trajans-column/)