Historical information

The Warrnambool Woollen Mill was established in 1910 in South Warrnambool by a local company, with the building erected on a site that formerly housed another woollen mill destroyed by fire in 1882. The Warrnambool Woollen Company operated successfully for many years with over 700 employees in the 1940s and a good national reputation for quality goods. It made blankets and other woollen goods and was the first company in Australia to manufacture electric blankets. In the 1960s the mill was sold to the Dunlop Company and for the next thirty years it was bought and sold several times, finally closing in 2000 after 90 years of operation. The woollen Mill was built on a site which was in easy access to the railway line which operated along the original tramway line from the town to the jetty. It is possible that this land would have been used for parking during the period of 1950's to 1970's which was a successful period of manufacturing and trade for the Woollen Mill.


A link between an important infrastructure and one of Warrnambool's most important industries.

Physical description

Four page folded document cream in colour . Printed form with diagram of the land in question coloured in pink . Seals of both Victorian railways and Warrnambool Woollen mill are stamped beside signatories on page 3.

Inscriptions & markings

Dated 30th April 1952. Signed R Naylor for the Warrnambool Woollen Mill and two unreadable signatures for Victorian Railways.